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Software Centre Böblingen/Sindelfingen is located in the south of Stuttgart Region, which is a metropolitan area in the southwest of Germany.

It’s about 20 minutes from Stuttgart Airport and 25 minutes form Stuttgart city centre. In fact, with 708 people per square kilometre, it is one of the most densely populated areas in Germany.

The Software Centre Böblingen/Sindelfingen offers newly established and existing medium-sized IT companies favourable rental conditions, the necessary infrastructure, fast networking and support in a range of decisions as to the future course of their business.The aim is to achieve economic efficiency, flexibility and accessibility for IT companies.24% of employees in Stuttgart Region work in the high-tech sector – teh highest proportion in Europe.Why not discover the Software Centre for yourself with a personal visit to Böblingen?Das Palliative Care Team wird geleitet von der Koordinationsstelle.

Sie ist zugleich Anlaufstelle für alle Hilfesuchenden.This has resulted in the formation of strong software clusters.Examples include software solutions for the manufacturing industry, financial services companies, and business and commerce.Situated at the heart of Baden-Württemberg and Europe, Stuttgart Region is the hub of economic, scientific, and political life in southwest Germany.The area currently has Germany’s highest concentration of scientific, academic and research organisations, and tops the national league for patent applications.We’ll show you the centre and answer any questions you may have.