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They are usually stoned and my boyfriend hasn’t bothered to think about dinner (I find myself buying and making it most weeknights).

On nights like this I become enraged but silent and he says I’m selfish not to be more welcoming to his friends. I feel that because he gets so much free time with his buddies (sometimes he goes to their houses… ) he could just give me a reprieve from their bro-time in my place. I (she/her) have been dating this guy (he/ him) for about the past 5 months.

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Things are for the most part truly wonderful; there are various stresses about upcoming job changes and moves, but he’s really one of the best people I know, and we seem to be pretty damn good together.I am struggling with being upset if I propose doing something together and he replies ‘no thank you, I would rather be alone tonight.’ I want to figure out a way to find this less distressing.Read More I work two hours away from home which involves a long daily commute and means dragging my tired self home at 7.30pm at the very earliest.Anyone who works this way will understand that there is little time for much else other than dinner, a tv show and a shower before it’s time to get to bed and do the whole thing all over again. My partner works 15 minutes from our house alongside his two very best friends.Do it deliberately, intentionally, with good will and good faith, and see if you start feeling better. This is for the reason that he is in university, and his parents want him to “graduate without student debt”. This isn’t because he needs his money to pay off school: they arepaying for his education in full as well.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for four months, though he has been a friend of mine for 12 years. They make him meals, check up on him to see if he has packed a lunch for work, make his bed and clean his room.

Remind yourself that this dude is just one nifty facet of your nifty life and you have lots of options for how you spend your evenings.

Then, if you want to invite him to do something, send that invite.

Namely, next time you’re ready to text him to invite him out, think of 5-10 other things you could do with a free evening to yourself.

For example: ” then, well, that’s a project right there.

It was an excellent and much needed break from everything.