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13, 1981, martial-law roundup of Solidarity union activists in Poland.

And there was laughter again when Robespierre commented dispassionately to his wife that the prosecution of the popular Danton presented a dilemma.

"If we lose it," he states, "the revolution is lost. Wojciech Jaruzelski could well have said the same when moving against Solidarity's leadership.

Apriga lor înfruntare constituie substanţa filmului. Amândoi se reclamă ca fiind din popor şi pretind că vorbesc în numele lui: primul dorea ca oamenii să poată trăi în linişte, pur şi simplu, al doilea voia să aducă maselor fericirea în numele unei anumite idei despre democraţie.

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At the same time, Sajda was allowed to travel to West Germany recently to begin work on his next project -- a film starring Hanna Schygulla that Wajda says will be about love, not revolution.

Acţiunea se desfăşoară în timpul Revoluţiei franceze, avându-i în centru pe Danton şi Robespierre."Danton" evokes the Polish experience but from the safe distance of another country's history.The movie's official reception in Poland has angered Wajda and his staff here.It is impossible to show a film in Poland today that deals with such topics as freedom, conscience and revolution without evoking a powerful response."We are most painfully going through our own tragic history," remarked the Catholic weekly Tygodnik Powszechny in a thoughtful review of "Danton." "Starving for history's true shape, we greedily hunt for any analogies that would make it topical." At the moment, the film is playing at just two Warsaw theaters, though a Wajda aide said 40 copies of the movie are being made for distribution throughout Poland. Full-house audiences are being drawn to it by word of mouth and thanks to the unfailing power of negative official reviews to arouse public interest.There is nothing overt in the film to signify a comparison to Poland.