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This store is much smaller at only 442 square meters (approx.

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Daiso sells a minimalistic digital watch named Blue Planet. It is a fully functional watch that display nothing more and nothing less than what is needed by the wearer.Daiso has 2,800 stores in Japan, 1,150 in South Korea, and 700 stores overseas in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, and Vietnam.The stock of items retailed at each shop is varied frequently in order to increase repeat customers.Daiso categorizes all of its own branded items on sale using the morpheme za (ザ), the Japanese representation of the English word "the", plus a category.(26,000 sq ft) store in Aberdeen Centre, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Most items sold in the store (Daiso products plus a small selection of Japanese foods and beverages) are CAD each.

(13,000 sq ft) (Central Park store), which is currently the largest in Australia.

Almost every item is AUD.80, except for a small range of products (5% of total range) that is sold at varying prices from to .

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is a large franchise of 100-yen shops founded in Japan.

I'm sure anyone who’s been to Daiso Japan would agree with me that an hour is not enough to comb through the shelves and shelves of cute and sometimes hard to find merchandise available at the store.