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Hit Forward and the app will bring-up small bubbles next to each of the texts and sent files in the chat.

On i OS, you need to select the messages or files that you want to pass on, and then hit the arrow symbol in the lower left hand-corner of the app window.

Then go to all your social media sites and block them everywhere.

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Right way to deal with it: Tell them that if you ever find their phone busy again when you call, you will break up with them.

Also, “forbid” them to talk to anyone at night (except you of course).

If you have any doubts as to whether these methods work or not, let me assure you that all of them have been tested time and again by me (a 19-year old, with no qualifications whatsoever).

Well there are newspapers called the Planet as well (ex. It just seems there could be more to this change than that one line on wiki, that's why I'm asking. And in fact the Telluride Daily Planet was founded in 1898.

In 1940 there were over 20 newspapers across the US named "The Daily Star" so in order to avoid the suggestion that Superman worked for an existing newspaper (or because of the connections with the very recently bankrupted "New York Star") it made sense for them to rename it.

Whats App recently added a number of new features to its i OS and Android apps.

This lets users save the content to their device, open it in Photos, email or another i OS app.

On Android, the same functionality is under the symbol of two sheets of paper placed on-top of one another.

It is highly advised to go through every chat and read every single message to learn about their deepest, darkest secret. But, if all this paranoia is just too much for you, the healthy way to deal with it is to master the art of passive aggressiveness.

So, what you do is you take out your phone and block their number.

You don't believe they were talking to someone else when you called at 2 AM and found the phone busy?