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We’re both independent working adults with separate lives, and it’s much easier planning everything out so that we can be on the ball when it comes to each other’s schedules.This was probably the sole feature that kept us going through the 14 days, and the feature we’d miss most if we stopped.Yet, in Between, there was one animated sticker of a cutesy character spanking another. The task encouraged us to write love notes to each other, and our attempt to do so was met with giggles and all around awkwardness.

When I asked my partner about his experience with the app, he shared that he would have preferred if he could automatically download all the media shared in the chat, the way Whats App allowed us to.I’m pretty happy with the way Between collates all our photos into an easy-to-view grid format, but I can’t argue against more functionality.It just so happened to fall within the two-week testing period, so I was able to visually count down to our anniversary by the day.It was also pretty cute that they sent us a notification that said, “Today is Anniversary”.This was the most frequented function, which I had a woolly relationship with.

When I was first introduced to the app some time back, the chat function was the only feature I knew about and tried, and I quickly got bored of it.Save and track all your special days and moments on Between, and never forget them.That was the challenge set out to me by Joash Wee, General Manager at VCNC, the company behind the Korean couples app Between.Couple apps were all those things and much more, and the thought of using it for two whole weeks made me cringe.But someone had challenged me to 14 days on the app, and I was adamant to hate it.It’s probably because I’m on the i OS 9 beta (damn you!