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A Middle Schooler at NYCHA’s Miccio Community Center in Redhook, Brooklyn, holds up a healthy relationship Valentine’s Day card that he made after a two-day workshop with OCDV’s NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy.Youth use what they learn in order to raise awareness about healthy relationships in their community.

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In fact, millions of Americans experience the side effects of chronic anger in the form of illnesses, drug and alcohol addiction, headaches, domestic violence and depression just to name a few. Angry outbursts can prevent us more info The Oshkosh Counseling Wellness Center offers counseling for all couples interested in improving their relationships.Couples can be either married or dating, straight or more info “Mark is caring and understands what I am dealing with.Keep up with our monthly news by signing up for our newsletter.Sign Up The OCDV DVAM calendar – find a list of events scheduled near you. On average, victimized youth begin romantic relationships about nine months earlier than non-victimized youth.

To assess victimization, the researchers analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health in which young people had reported direct experience with four types of trauma: being “jumped,” shot, stabbed, or threatened by a knife or gun.

more info The Oshkosh Counseling Wellness Center just completed a four week therapeutic art workshop entitled “Feeding the Soul”.

Each week the group members participated in creating small art pieces, the final night culminating with a dinner plate collage.

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For a list of NYPD DVAM outreach events, see attached calendar. Go Get free financial counseling at an NYC Financial Empowerment Center.