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Natural ID sensors also function under glass, making it possible to eliminate the home button on smartphones.Clear View Display Drivers - Display driver integrated circuits (DDIC) with the industry's smallest display ICs and ultra-HD resolution support for more dynamic, design friendly and power-efficient display options, as well as reduced image-load times.

Synaptics purchased Renesas SP for approximately JPY48.5B (5 million) for 100% of the company.The acquisition enabled Synaptics to establish an integrated portfolio of touch and display driver technologies.In 2007, LG launched its Prada phone featuring Synaptics' touch sensors, marking the world's first capacitive-touchscreen mobile phone.Synaptics' touchscreen technology was also featured in Logitech's Harmony family, which debuted in 2008 and brought capacitive-touch capabilities to universal remote controls.Synaptics sells its products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Synaptics was founded in 1986 by scientists and engineers Federico Faggin and Carver Mead, inspired by their interest in neural networks and their applications in technologies.During Synaptics' early years, the laptop industry was struggling to make devices thinner because the spherical trackballs included in them required thicker device builds.Synaptics' founders recognized this issue and in 1992, used the pattern recognition techniques it developed to build the world's first touchpad, which Apple adopted in 1995.Synaptics is a public San Jose, California-based developer of touch-pads for computer laptops, touch-screens, mp3 players, cellular phones and other devices.It describes itself as a human interface solution developer.The company has since expanded in to additional markets including automotive, wearables and PC peripherals in 2015.