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It has much that helps, but has been surpassed by many other commentaries since its day." (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works or Logos) JOHANN (JOHN) BENGEL Philippians Commentary The Critical English Testament Similar to above but less Greek Charles Haddon Spurgeon -- "'A Critical New Testament, so compiled as to enable a reader, unacquainted with Greek, to ascertain the exact English force and meaning of the language of the New Testament, and to appreciate the latest results of modern criticism.' Such is the professed aim of this commentary, and the compilers have very fairly carried out their intentions.

The whole of Bengel’s Gnomon is bodily transferred into the work, and as one hundred and twenty years have elapsed since the first issue of that book, it may be supposed that much has since been added to the wealth of Scripture exposition; the substance of this has been incorporated in brackets, so as to bring it down to the present advanced state of knowledge.

He sometimes uses Latin or German without translation.ALEXANDER MACLAREN Sermons on Philippians Warm, eloquent, practical expositions.This was the life experienced by the Philippian believers, and it is a life available to us today.Allow the joy you find in Christ to keep you from useless quarrels and divisions and to instead guide you into harmonious relationships with God’s people.On Phil 2:5-8 he maintains the absolute deity as well as humanity of Christ (82-85): He empties Himself only of His glory.

- John Cereghin, Pastor IN PHILIPPIANS - Paul also discusses the historical fact of Christ’s resurrection and its crucial importance to living a full and enjoyable Christian life in his Epistle to the Philippians.Thus in Philippians 3:9-11 Paul assumes the historical validity of Christ’s literal, bodily resurrection from the grave. Indeed, Paul gave formal testimony to having personally met the risen Lord Jesus (Acts 22:6-11; , 21; -23). Accordingly, the believer has a ready source for living an abundant life in Christ with great power and personal godliness (Ro 6:5-14).He made Christ’s Resurrection the central theme of many of his sermons (e.g., Acts -33; -31). And not only that, but Paul declared that the risen Christ has taken up His abode in the believer in vital, spiritual, organic union with him (Gal. Like Paul, Christians should also have a deep concern that all may come to know the crucified and risen Christ as Savior and Lord (2 Cor. All of these truths, taught so clearly elsewhere by Paul, are in view in Philippians 3.He was pastor 1864-85 and professor of systematic theology in Wesleyan College, Richmond, 1885-1905.He was also a member of the faculty of theology in the University of London 1901-05.JOHN EADIE Commentary on Philippians One of the better in depth commentaries.