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That doesn't count food, transportation, bills, or uncovered medial payments.For a young single man or woman, living on a k per year salary is possible, as long as you don't have any major surprise payments, don't want to do anything except an occasional movie, try to date, and go on vacation anywhere but your parent's house.Folks from that department went to HR on multiple occasions.

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I absolutely loved the experience, and Moody had a large investment in it.

However, I was also amazed how so many of the points of the leadership summit went completely in one ear and out the other of management.

I could go on much longer about the issues that I faced, but I don't want to give more details.

Overall, while some of the people are really amazing to get to know, the culture and way things are handled are not Christ-honoring.

I want to break this down because this has more meaning behind it than just money. The average price for a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown is something like 00 a month.

So it takes almost k/yr just to make rental payments.To be honest, Moody isn't exactly growing either, so there aren't a ton of new positions from a growth perspective opening up.- Promotions/Advancement don't happen.In my time at Moody I saw this happen to multiple people in multiple roles: A position would open up, someone in the department who has worked there for xx years and knows the system applies for the job.Employees are expected to just go along with it, and anyone who questions it get reprimanded (in the most Christianese way)- "Leadership" summit.While working at Moody, I had the opportunity to attend the global leadership summit.Cons Since this is the area that most people will read closely, I want to mention that I will try to be as objective as I can.