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He was thinking of leaving the service, in part because he felt picked on by other soldiers.

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Here is a brief overview of the case and some of the pertinent facts...At on the morning of June 6th, 1996, Darlie Lynn Routier placed a frantic call to 911 from her home, where she lived with her husband Darin, in an upscale suburb of Dallas, Texas.He also admitted that he wanted a relationship more than he wanted sex.He offered them sodas, and they chatted about what they liked to drink—Indy-Girl said she preferred beer—and about how long the drive had taken.things will work out.” She added, “It’s not like she’s gonna die if you don’t.” They decided to meet at a park in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where they could have a picnic or go boating on the lake.

He began downloading child pornography after watching a television special about how Internet child porn had become epidemic.

John waived his right to a lawyer, hoping to end the humiliation quickly.

report summarizing the interview, “Everything that he said on the Internet was a lie.” John pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and to using the Internet to persuade a minor to have sex, and was sentenced to fifty-three months in federal prison—a relatively light sentence by today’s standards.

In the past fifteen years, sentences for possession or distribution of child pornography—a federal crime, since images cross state lines—have increased in length by more than five hundred per cent.

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