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He talks about the variety of extraction methods he has tested, harvesting tips, instructions on how to make your own extracts and decoctions, and a great deal more.

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Sometimes I feel like I can’t parse a cookbook without quality pictures showing me what success looks like, and America’s Test Kitchen delivers.

‘Bravetart: iconic American desserts’ by Stella Parks is another straight forward recipe book filled with classics.

His website promotes herbal tea blends, herbal extracts and tonics, a soup mix, and his book. Parents can learn these techniques by participating. Arielle: If I’m doing rhyming for a storytime, I’ll read a bit to let them hear what rhyming sounds like, and then let them try to guess what words are coming next.

He also travels to educate people about potential health benefits of mushrooms. Nathan will present on ‘Medicinal Mushrooms’ here at the Library on January 16th from -pm. Be sure not to miss what is sure to be an informative and interesting presentation. The kids are eager to get to speak up, and they are practicing the skill without realizing it (Secretly the parents are learning a skill too).

It teaches them listening skills (instructions), mindfulness, which has to do with being able to focus, and they learn social skills by working in pairs. Ah, here, as Winter is in full swing, I fondly remember the Summer Reading Program. Read Across America Day is cause for a huge celebration, doubly so because of all the reading done during the Winter Reading Program. They do not have to do everything, of course, but they can if they want to!

Kids psyched to read new books, keeping track of their accomplishments, and getting rewarded for their enthusiasm. From what we have seen, kids love to be given opportunities to try something new or to be silly. Volunteers and patrons are showering the library in cookies and other sweets.

Arielle: Maria, one of our children’s librarians, is ahead of the curve for sure.

First of all, her Music and Movement group was busy, loud, and full of new activities that she planned each week based on educational research.

He encourages people to only use his extracts when they need it, which helps to stretch supply. I’m talking with Arielle, the head children’s librarian, about how storytimes work now. Arielle: Well, I like to encourage parents to participate in storytime because the things that we are doing with the kids are things that they can do at home. The way we read and conduct activities is deliberate.

Mushrooms extracts and blends aren’t the only thing he offers. Once upon a time, people believed that story times were chances for kids to hear a story be read for them. Everything, even things that appear casual, especially to the kids, is done with a purpose and is based on studies about child development and learning.

Mark: I’ve heard some surprise about our baby storytimes.