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I have included his cell phone number so if you want to call him and tell him what you think please do.

Please also feel free to contact this idiot Sheriff Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg as his info is above as well on the scan of his card.

They did absolutely nothing to them and then today I find out the main Sheriff that was pretending to help us (Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg) is friends with the main guy who tried to hurt me (Andy Sebade) they are even Facebook friends.

The sheriff kept saying there were more of them and so it was just my word against there's so he could do nothing.

The guys who did this (Andy Sebade) and his friends even came back to where I was stranded and they threaten to kill me right in front of Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg.

He of course did nothing to them because he is friends with him but if they think this is done they have another thing coming.Large Collection of Content & Frequent Updates There are over 5,936 photo sets and 265 videos of sexy alternative babes in softcore scenes. While the scenes are technically softcore there's a lot of steamy girl-on-girl foreplay, kissing, humping and more. The site boasts daily photo updates and they definitely do not disappoint. I had to call 911 and was stuck in the middle of nowhere scared to death, I literally thought I was going to die .After the sheriff's department showed up they just talked to the guys and then let them all go.Did he think I slashed my own tires or made all this up?