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But in this case, that's its most interesting feature. He's a bona fide, old-fashioned, Class A psychopath. In his mug shot he looks put upon, perhaps because his hair is messed up.) He signs his letters cutely, the way that appeals to high-school girls -- "Love 'n Stuff." He threatens his female victims with the loss of his affection if they don't do what he wants, but he threatens gently not nastily -- "Maybe you'd better get off the trolley, lady." He polishes his appearance.

He's tall and dresses immaculately, smokes a fatherly pipe, knows what people want.

Twenty-year veteran Detective Sergeant Sam Stone is paired with rookie Briggs in a large Western metropolis.

See full summary ยป The two part mini-series was filmed entirely on locations. The horse ranch was filmed in the Malibou Canyon below Mullholland.Lorimar Television's offices were located at the MGM-Sony Studio in Culver City.One woman rushed alongside her lover's gurney, holding his hand. It's all perfectly predictable now, for women victims anyway.As far as I know, it's never been carefully studied.Erotic comedy about an incorrigible womanizer whose lecherous love life becomes too much to handle.

Things culminate when his jealous friends arrange for his fiancee and his mistresses to meet him at the same time.When Lorimar used a sound stage for any of their productions, a percentage charge would be incurred by the production paid to the studio.By not filming on the lot, this (on-lot filming) charge exempted the production.Should she spill the beans, he assures her, "the right people" will come and finish off both her and her kids. She's with him through thick and thin, trial included, as if her life depended on it, which she alone seems to believe it does. He's great at "scanning" people he talks to, figuring out their desires, their weaknesses, the likelihood of their falling under his spell.Her last words on screen: "Nobody ever wondered if the reason he let me live is because he thought I was a good person." (Something like that.)Ordinarily, it gets sort of irritating when these true-crime stories lose track of the crime itself and get lost exploring the relationships between the people involved. Actually, Elliott's character is easy to understand. He knows exactly how to manage the impression he makes on others. (He writes letters from prison complaining in all seriousness about the lack of facilities, such as hair blow-dryers.Of course any social scientist can make an armchair judgment, but why do some women seem more vulnerable than others? What are the conditions under which these bonds develop? She was beautiful and very rich, although for one reason or another her family had cut off her allowance.