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The Malvern County Council was asked to take over the cemetery in 1921.

Plan | Map All records prior to 1903 have disappeared, having either been lost or destroyed in a fire.

The funds of the Kirwee Cemetery Board were exhausted by 1896, and at that time, tenders were put out for grazing sheep in the cemetery and, later on, cropping.

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In 1945, the Kimberley Cemetery Board requested that the Malvern County Council take control of the cemetery. The cemetery was originally to be laid out in four sections: Episcopalian (northwest), Catholic (northeast), and other denominations (southwest and southeast).

A later plan shows three sections: Anglican, Presbyterian and Non Conformist.

With the approval of the Leeston Catholic Parish, the cemetery was transferred to the Ellesmere County Council in 1980.

Some of the original records appear to have been lost, and it is known that there have been burials in the cemetery for which the Council has no record.

The first plots in the cemetery were sold for five shillings each.

In 1878, the Ellesmere Cemetery Trust was established, with two areas (24 acres and 43 acres) comprised in the Trust.

Plan | Map The Department of Lands and Survey was approached in 1935 by residents of Lake Coleridge to set aside an area of about two acres for a cemetery.

On this site was the grave of a man who perished in a snowstorm in 1918.

The Ellesmere County Council took over its administration in 1981, and since then, the only burials permitted are for families with pre-purchased plots.

Plan | Map This cemetery was originally held in trust by the Brookside Presbyterian Church for the Presbyterians of Brookside.

Plan | Map When the cemetery was developed around 1874, it was used by Presbyterians - the area reserved being at the back of the cemetery.