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The collection is open to scientific research and international exhibitions.

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It constitutes the main executive body to carry out the safeguarding of the national film heritage.

The Bundesarchiv's motion picture department ("Filmarchiv")is staffed by about 100 people.

Since 2001 the Deutsche Kinemathek is a member of the Netzwerk Mediatheken (Network of Media Archives), an organization for major national archives, libraries, documentation offices, research facilities and museums, whose aim is to develop a central portal for AV media for both science and art.

With the exhibition "Fernsehen macht glücklich" (Television Makes You Happy) – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of German television – the Deutsche Kinemathek took a first in-depth look at the history of television as a medium.

30,000 scripts, 20,000 posters, 60,000 film programs, movie tickets, filmographic and biographic material, personal estates as well as projectors, cameras and other devices from the early years of cinema up until today.

Drawings, designs and models testify to the development of set design in Germany from 1919 until the present.

It regularly presents special exhibitions, and participates in international exhibitions on film history and other subjects related to the arts and cultural history.

Since 1977 the Deutsche Kinemathek supervises the conception and organization of the Retrospective section of the Berlin International Film Festival. What is more, the Deutsche Kinemathek devotes itself to film literature, regularly bringing out publications, many of which have become standard works of film historiography.

"The Deutsche Kinemathek officially opened in February 1963.

Its founding director was Gerhard Lamprecht who over the decades had meticulously put together an extensive collection of films, documents and equipment.

Complementary Special Exhibitions investigate historical-cultural contexts of film and television.