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In 2001, Berry set a world record after skippering a trimaran from Plymouth to La Rochelle in France - ten hours faster than the previous best time.

A year later he helped break his own record by sailing the route with the US adventurer Steve Fossett on the entrepreneur’s £8 million catamaran.

A FAMILY bible containing details of all the births, marriages and deaths of a family from 1881 to 1981 is in need of its real home.

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Adam Burt hopes to raise £20,000 in crowd funding, and has already received over £1000 in pledges. It's my project and even *I* think this level is a bit much.

Backers and supporters can pledge various amounts of money and receive a number of rewards based on the level of their contribution, including early access, premium membership, and a private screening of Con Air.

But he was jailed for five years at Truro Crown Court in 2010 for fleecing women who included a lawyer, a GP and a hedge-fund manager.