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1950's Clothing Before Rock and Roll: very conservative clothing.

After rock and roll started.(see one of my other webpages): 1950's fashion Elvis Presley was the singer that symbolized Rock and Roll - colorful turned up collar..... 1950's Music Before Rock and roll: performers were pretty conservative in their stage performances.

Amish have also set out to found communities in less traditional areas of the country.

States such as Colorado, Maine, Texas, Montana, and Tennessee have seen Amish relocate within their borders.

Indiana is covered with Amish communities from top to bottom, from the large northern settlements of Nappanee and Elkhart/Lagrange County, to the sizeable Daviess County settlement in the south.

Together, these three states account for nearly two-thirds of the total 2014 Amish population of 290,090.

Amish religious service differs in a key way from most other Christian churches: Amish do not build church buildings, instead opting to hold church in the home.

When church districts exceed a certain number of families, Amish will prepare to divide the church.

Amish have found a number of other states attractive, as they’ve faced pressures in traditional locales including high land prices and overcrowded communities.

Wisconsin hosts the fourth-largest Amish population, spread over nearly four dozen communities.

The horse-and-buggy, plain clothing, PA Dutch language, home worship, and limited technology are core elements to Amish identity.

Amish strive to preserve these while slowly adapting around the edges as financial and societal pressures dictate.

New church boundaries will be drawn up, and new ministers will be ordained for the new congregation. A number of factors could alter the current rate of growth, and may even lead to population losses as Amish move to other churches or leave the faith.