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L├╝beck is a beautiful harbour city, 60 kilometer away from Hamburg.

OJBD distributes its articles under the open access model.

All articles of OJBD are fully open access and online available to readers free of charge.

First, steps involved in Big Data development should be reproducible to allow organizations to follow.

Some articles in competing journals are very theoretical, making reproduction difficult.

One of Ron Pub objectives is providing a fast and high-quality but lower-cost publishing service.

In order to ensure that the fee is never a barrier to publication, Ron Pub offers a fee waiver for authors who do not have funds to cover publication fees.

Accepted manuscripts are published online immediately. Big Data research is expected to be the hottest topic for the next five years.

We shall have solid plans and regular meetings to ensure that our journal attracts the best papers from reputable researchers to support our mission continuously.

We focus on how Big Data can make huge positive impacts to different disciplines in addition to IT, which include healthcare, finance, education, physical science, biological science, earth science, business & management, information systems, social sciences and law.

There are eight major topics as follows: Publication Criteria provides important information for authors to prepare their manuscripts with a high possibility of being accepted.

Halo Effect Contamination in Assessments of Web Interface Design Daniel S.