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The Oxford History of World Cinema EDITED BY GEOFFREY NO WELL-SMITH OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street, Oxford 0X2 6DP Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Athens Auckland Bangkok Bogota Buenos Aires Calcutta Cape Town Chennai Dar es Salaam Delhi Florence Hong Kong Istanbul Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Mumbai Nairobi Paris Sao Paulo Singapore Taipei Tokyo Toronto Warsaw and associated companies in Berlin Ibadan Oxford is a registered trade mark of Oxford University Press in the UK and certain other countries Pub Hshed in the United States by Oxford Uni/ersity Press Inc., New York © Oxford University Press 1996 The moral rights of the author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) First published 1996 First published in paperback 1997 All rights reserved.From the humble beginnings in the fairground it has risen to become a billiondo Uar industry and the most spectacular andoriginal contemporary art.

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China After the Revolution ESTHER YAU 693_ Popular Cinema in Hong Kong LI CHEUK-TO 704 Taiwanese New Cinema JUNE YIP TIL The Modernization of Japanese Film HIROSHI KOMATSU 714_ New Australian Cinema STEPHEN CROFTS 722.

New Zealand Cinema BILL ROUTT 731 Canadian Cinema / Cinema Canadiai JILL MCGREAL 73L New Cinemas in Latin America MICHAEL CHANAN 740 New Concepts of Cinema GEOFFREY NO WELI^SMITH 750.

Orson Welles 454 -3 Wim Wenders 624 -5 Shirley Yamaguchi 410 Zhang Yimou 702 General Introduction GEOFFREY NO WELL-SMITH The cinema, wrote the documentarist Paul Rotha in the 1930s, 'is the great unresolved equation between art and industry'.

It was the first, and is arguably still the greatest, of the industrialized art forms which have dominated the cultural life of the twentieth century.

The Resurgence of Cinema GEOFFREY NOWELL-SMITH 759 BIBLIOGRAPHY 767 INDEX 785 PICTURE SOURCES 823 Special Features Chantal Akerman 755 Tomas Gutierrez Alea 744 Robert Altman 470-1 Michelangelo Antonioni 568 -9 Arlettv 347 Fred Astaire 296 -7 Brigitte Bardot492 Yevgeny Bauer 160 -1 Ingmar Bergman 572 -3 Ingrid Beigman 230 -1 Bernardo Bertolucci 593 Frank Borzage 64-5 Marlon Brando 444 -5 Luis Bufiuel 432 -3 Bugs Bunny 269 John Cassavetes 542 -3 Youssef Chahine 664 Lon Chanev 198 -9 Charlie Chap Un 84_-5 Maurice Chevalier 246 Raoul Coutard 487 Franco Cristaldi 595 David Cronenbeig 736 George Cukor 282 Anatole Dauman 571 Bette Davis 222 -3 Alain Delon 579_ Cecil B. Hart68_ Howard Hawks 278 -9 Win Hays 238 Robert Herlth 148 -9 Werner Herzog 620 - 1 Alfred Hitchcock 310 - 1 1 James Wong Howe 200 - 1 John Huston 448 -9 Daisuke Ito 180 Joris Ivens 331 Humphrey Jennings 328 -9 Alfred Junge 380.-1 Buster Keaton 80-1 Alexander Korda 336.-7 Stanley Kubrick 458.-9 Akira Kurosawa 71 6 Burt Lancaster 452 -3 Fritz Lang 196.-7 Spike Lee 508.

De Mille 34_-5 Gerard Depardieu 585 Vittorio De Sica360 Marlene Dietrich 240 -1 'Don'ts and Be Carefuls' 239 Alexander Dovzher Lko 394 -5 Carl Theodor Dreyer 102 -3 Clint Eastwood 472_-3 Sergei Eisenstein 168 -9 Douglas Fairbanks 60_ Rainer Werner Fassbinder 618 - 1 9 Federico Fellini 587 Louis Feuillade 108 -9 Gracie Fields 366 -7 Gabriel Figueroa 430 -1 John Ford 288 -9 Jodie Foster 478 -9 Karl Freund314-15 Jean Gabin 307 Greta Garbo 190 -1 Judy Garland 226 -7 Ritwik Ghatak 686 -7 Dorothy and Lillian Gish 40 -1 Jean-Luc Godard 752 -3 Sid Grauman 52 D. Val Lewton318-19 Max Linder 117 The Loop and the Maltese Cross 7 Joseph Losey 606.-7 Ernst Lubitsch 184 -5 Alexander Mackendrick 371 Chris Marker 530.-1 Joseph R Maxfield 213 William Cameron Menzies 232.-3 Oscar Micheaux 499 Vincente Minnelli 302.-3 Tom Mix 69.

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Translations are by Robert Gordon ( Italy: Spectacle and Melodrama, The Scandinavian Style, Italy from Fascism to Neo-Realism, Italy: Auteurs and After); Gerald Brooke ( The Soviet Union and the Russian Emigres); Timothy Seaton ( Cinema in the Soviet Republics); and Nina Taylor ( Yiddish Cinema in Europe, East Central Europe before the Second World War, Changing States in East Central Europe). L, REES 95_ Serials BEN SINGER 105_ French Silent Cinema RICHARD ABEL 112_ Italy: Spectacle and Melodrama PAOLO CHERCHI USAI 123_ British Cinema from Hepworth to Hitchcock JOHN HAWKRIDGE 130. The Scandinavian Style PAOLO CHERCHI USAI 15L Pre-Revolutionary Russia YURI TSIVIAN 159.

The Soviet Union and the Russian Emigres NATALIA NUSSINOVA 162 Yiddish Cinema in Europe MAREK & MALGORZATA HENDRYKOWSKI 174 Japan: Before the Great Kanto Earthquake HIROSHI KOMATSU UL Music and the Silent Film MARTIN MARKS 183 The Heyday of the Silents GEOFFREY NO WELL-SMITH 192_ INTRODUCTION 207. The Western EDWARD BUSCOMBE 286_ The Musical RICK ALTMAN 294^ Crime Movies PHIL HARDY 304 The Fantastic VIVIAN SOBCHACK312 Documentary CHARLES MUSSER 322.

The Black Presence in American Cinema JIM PINES 497 Exploitation and the Mainstream KIM NEWMAN 509 Dreams and Nightmares in the Ho Uywood Blockbuster JOSEPH SARTELLE 516 Cinema Verite and the New Documentary CHARLES MUSSER527 Avant-Garde Film: The Second Wave A. Animation in the Post-Industrial Era WILLIAM MORITZ 55L Modern Film Music ROY\L BROWN 558. The Arab World ROY ARMES 66L The Cinemas of Sub-Saharan Africa P VINCENT MAGOMBE 667.