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There is another problem in bw_Do Work(), you use Invoke on the Add Sub Nodes() method.

Perhaps you'll be my muse to do things the correct way.

I am populating a treeview using a recursive function as shown below.

I think the ui redraw is event driven for most MS packaged controls.

But @High Core is right, if you want to avoid code debt, abstract your complicated COM objects and their data behind a data source that you can plug into a XAML defined control. I know , the current code i have is not a better solution and it could be optimised with xaml and databinding. And there still needs to be a better implementation using a Data Template Selector if you want multiple levels.

However, the changes to the node only appear if I expand or contract a parent node, or add /delete a node, etc.

What is the best way to achieve a dynamic update without user intevention or reloading the tree?

Hi, I'm looking for advice on achieving dynamic updating of treeview nodes...

The purpose of the Rad Treeview in my project is to display computer objects (Computer name, and corresponding Icon (imagekey)).

I am having a problem with a treeview where I try to add a subnode based upon the Node.

Text Index (I have also tried this based upon the int index - to no avail). However I run the exact same thing Async (background Worker) it throws an unhandled Argument Out Of Range Exception.

The treeview gets populated properly, but i am not able to get it updated in UI during recursion.