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Charlie is dating Lydia who reminds everybody else around him of Evelyn. She is a divorced real estate agent with a sharp tongue and critical mouth.

It is only when Charlie witnesses her interaction with her sons to get the drift.

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This episode is one of my favorites from long running series.O endereço desbloqueado actual é: É importante passar esta mensagem aos vossos amigos, pois há muita gente que actualmente pensa que o site foi apagado.Partilhem esta informação nas redes socias, em grupos de conversa online, etc...Charlie's latest, unusually conservative, classy girlfriend, Lydia, makes her entry in the beach-house in the Harper's hated ma Evelyn's style, almost instantly hurting everybody's feelings, soon in bed and in his favorite restaurant too, but Charlie keeps denying the obvious resemblance till the ugly Oedipal truth becomes too painfully obvious to deny when he sees how every second with her is torture for her two nice boys she brings along for Jake (who also plays 'I have boobs') to babysit, as bad as for him and Alan all their traumatizing youth.Summary: Charlie is dating a new woman, Lydia (Katherine La Nasa); her attitude is exactly like his mother’s.Pilot • Big Flappy Bastards • Go East On Sunset Until You Reach The Gates Of Hell • If I Can't Write My Chocolate Song, I'm Going To Take A Nap • The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Wind Up With A Hump • Did You Check With The Captain Of The Flying Monkeys?