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Your congregation has gone to ground, your worship, your study, your preaching work is done in secret.

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I recognise that some who read this article will not agree with me on this, and so I am going to present a detailed argument to showcase why I have arrived at this conclusion.

It’s my hope that by the end I will have convinced you, or at the very least you will better understand my position and that this will enable discussion going forward. If Jehovah’s Witnesses are banned, they don’t suddenly stop being Jehovah’s Witnesses.

These three things: shunning, blood, and child abuse, are the ones that most activists feel warrant a Governmental response due to the massive level of emotional and physical harm they can inflict, up to and including the loss of life. But should that legal response be a ban on the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Some would say so, and on the surface this might seem sensible.

After all, things that are very harmful should automatically be illegal, right? History has many examples of things that are harmful becoming even more so when placed under ban; take a look at Prohibition America.

Or take another example: cheating on a spouse is clearly harmful, and unethical, but most people would not want the Government to imprison you for it, and would be terrified of a Government that wanted the power do so.

Between the beginning of genesis (when Atum self-creates) and the actual, historical emergence of actual laws and their energies (represented by the "primordial hill"), the age of Atum blooms.

So the beginning of genesis takes place in precreation and this sui generis.

Atum completes everything in precreation, not in creation.

Indeed, the whole creative process of Atum "hatching" out of his "egg" and initiating the "first occasion" ("zep tepi") takes place in an interstitial "First Time", the "Golden Age" of the gods and goddesses who, in the beginning of time and space itself, differentiate Atum in so many frequencies of natural differentials (natural laws and the accidents they describe). Spontaneously, the potential reverses and initiates its own law and energy.

This founding concept of Egyptian thought, is conceived as an endlessly vast expanse of water, an unlimited ocean.