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See our list of the world’s quirkiest camps for adults.

"In recent years, the number of specialized camp opportunities for adults has grown significantly," says Peg L.

Gary Hofstetter, president of a private equity real estate fund in Boston, describes himself as a "suit on State Street." That’s quite a change from the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was a wild-haired, rock-loving roadie for local bands in Upstate New York.

But as the years advanced, he tucked away that part of himself for different kinds of gigs, like a career, marriage, and a child ("Dylan," named after Bob).

In December 2003, as he was turning 50, Hofstetter dreamed that he was in a rock and roll camp, jamming with artists that he adored.

Seeing it as a sign, he enrolled in the Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, a five-day fantasy-come-true program in New York City founded and run by tour producer David Fishof (who also operates camps in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and London). Roger Daltrey taught me 'Pin Ball Wizard.' That’s a true fantasy," says Hofstetter. No matter what your fantasy may be—to become an astronaut on a shuttle mission, an elephant trainer, even a ghost hunter—chances are there is a program or camp waiting for you.

From boozy long weekends to digital detoxes, America’s top five adult summer camps offer something for every kid at heart. (Thrill junkies can try out the bungee trampoline, wine tastings and organized Flip Cup tournaments abound, and ravers converge for “silent” dance parties in the woods.) Think of it as the ultimate outdoor mixer, complete with cocktails and camaraderie.

This all-inclusive camp in the Adirondacks reminds of us college, only with no classes.The computer engineer advanced over 6,348 people and took seventh place, winning 5,229.And on Stan Newman’s Crossword University cruise to Cozumel, Belize, Guatemala, and Key West in 2004, one participant, Donna Levin, was inspired to create her own puzzles, which she has since sold to , and other publications. Participants tackle personal and physical challenges and re-discover their strength and energy. Designed for adults aged 30 , these Classic wilderness adventure expeditions are about recapturing the enthusiasm of doing something new, different and difficult.The week culminates with a performance at sold-out venues like the House of Blues.