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Af dem fem regioner er det Region Nordjylland, der har den laveste andel af indvandrere og efterkommere, nemlig 7,9 procent, mens Region Hovedstaden har den største andel - 18,3 procent.

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Therefore, the building is designed to stand out with a distinctive character in all development phases.Sustainability The sustainable vision for Egedal Town Hall and Health Centre has been to create a healthy, inspiring environment for both employees and visitors.This means that all fixed workstations are provided with ample daylight, which is important for the users’ experience of the indoor climate.The building geometry, flexibility and use of daylight reduce the energy consumption without use of technology.Thus, the Health Centre will become an active part of the Town Hall, while at the same time offering citizens the opportunity to use the area outside town hall opening hours.

The roof of the Health Centre is shaped as a large roof garden with green recreational spaces.

The Town Hall and Health Centre form part of the same entity.

The Health Centre is designed as a village with courtyards and green, internal walkways connecting to the central square of the building.

Flexibility and variability are keywords in the design of Egedal Town Hall and Health Centre.

The building consolidates the previous administration departments and an entirely new health centre under the same roof.

The different building sections can be separated or united as needed, making room for new, spatial opportunities to develop.