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The purpose of this page is to gather all the information we have collected over time into one place which you can use as a goto resource when you need it.Usually from India and operating out of boiler rooms, these scammers call people in the U.If you ever get a call from a Microsoft or Windows tech support agent out of the blue, the best thing to do is simply hang up.

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As a last resort, there are programs that can scrape your hard drive and attempt to recover the missing files.“Trust In comprises a group of Internet industry leaders that have come together to work toward a common goal: Protect people from malicious online advertisements and deceptive practices.” Report misleading ads here.The type asking for a registration number, usually has a telephone number as well, but often they come with a few links that will open sites with popular remote assistance/desktop software like Team Viewer, Log Me In, Ammy Admin, Supremo, and others.In these cases the scammers will ask you to install that software and give them your access code, so they can “repair” your computer.If you decide to call in for remote computer assistance, you need to be very careful about which company you are going to deal with.

Simply picking the top ad on a search results page could end very badly.

Unfortunately, the company or technician being from the US is not a guarantee for honest service.

Many businesses in the US are using dirty tricks to take advantage of people, with the unsavvy and elderly as their prime targets.

S, Canada, the UK, and Australia whom they find in the phone directory.

The scam is straightforward: pretend to be calling from Microsoft, gain remote control of the machine, trick the victim with fake error reports and collect the money.

Perhaps you are even shocked and scared and don’t really know what to do now.