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Later, Xavier would claim that several deceased Poets had begun to manifest themselves through him, but they only started to identify themselves in 1931.

In 1928, he published his first psychographic messages in the newspapers "O Jornal", from Rio de Janeiro, and Almanaque de Notícias, from Portugal.

His appearances on TV talk shows in the late 1960s and early 1970s helped to establish Spiritism Doctrine as one of the major philosophies professed in Brazil with more than 5 million followers.

One of his memorial school compositions on the centenary of the independence of Brazil won an honorable mention in a state contest.

In 1922 he faced skepticism from colleagues and friends, who accused him of plagiarism, such accusation lasted all his life.

According to biographers, his mediunity first appeared when he was only four years old. He claimed to talk with his mother's spirit for some years. Within this period, the spirit of his mother stopped making contact with him.

His father was talking to a lady about pregnancy and he began stating facts about sciences. People thought that he was crazy for several years because he talked with spirits. Francisco, started to work very young in order to help with the expenses at home, he would sell vegetables produced at home.

Later on, the Medium found out that Emmanuel had been the Roman senator Publius Lentulus, further reborn as a slave who sympathized with Christianity, still in another reincarnation, had been a Jesuit priest Manuel da Nóbrega, involved with the gospel teachings during the colonial period of Brazil in the 18th century.

In 1932, the book Parnaso de Além-Túmulo, was then published by; Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB).

Xavier was born in the city of Pedro Leopoldo, State of Minas Gerais and is popularly known as "Chico Xavier" (Chico is the Portuguese nickname for Francisco).

Xavier called his spiritual guide Emmanuel, who according to Xavier, lived in ancient Rome as Senator Publius Lentulus, was reincarnated in Spain as Father Damien, and later as a professor at the Sorbonne.

Francisco's father got married again, Cidália Batista the second wife, demanded that the father should gather the nine children once for all. At school, as well as in church, Francisco's claimed paranormal power constantly would put him into trouble.

Once, while in his fourth year of primary school, he claimed to have seen a man who had dictated all his school essays, but no one seemed to have given him any credits; and not even the teacher seemed to have cared about it.

Xavier claimed he was a channel for the work of the spirits and that he was not able to produce any miracle such as healing people.