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He's at the age were everyone is "going out" with someone.

What/if anything could/should I allow him to do with girls?

I was so naive that I couldn't imagine doing anything like that. Truthfully, I doubt if "everyone" is going out with someone.

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He can even tell him he is teaching him what he needs to know for when it's time to date: holding your chair at dinnertime, helping you on with you coat, holding the door open for you and other women, grooming, hygine, safty issues, etc. Also, it's time to communicate with him what your beliefs are about sex.

Our beliefs are that sex is only appropriate in marriage, and we were clear with our boys about that. No shame, just wanting to have what is beautiful when it is time.

Again, all this would come better from Dad to son..of that becoming man thing.

Please check out the info above..husband found it helpful.

But its not fair to either a boy or girl to create a situation where they feel they need to date to grow up.

Courting used to be what was done and involved the parents helping the child chose a mate when they were ready... I believe that we can help our children to spend this time developing character traits that will help them when it is time for this.Have you talked with your husband about what his vision is in this area?I just went to a conference this weekend that talked about preparing our sons to eventually be husbands, and helping our daughters look for qualities in men (eventually) that show they'll be good husbands (I know radical for our day and age!My guess is that your son would be secretly relieved if you put the brakes on any sort of "dating" at this time.He has a lifetime to date and just a short time left to be young.One other thing I remember from this age is that while they boys feel all grown up and manly, they still need their mommy. Explain to him that dating is for picking the person that he is going to ultimately marry and that at 11 he is no where near ready for that and that he needs to chill out and be friends with girls and boys and learn to make those kinds of relationships first.